Testimonials from Purrfect Paws customers

Many of us cat lovers owners laugh at, but can relate to, the phrase "cats have staff". When we won't be home to take care of our pets, we don't look for staff- we want them to be well CARED for. My furry family is treated as individuals and their every need is considered and taken care of. They get as much love and attention as they do their physical needs.   Purrfect Paws will always be their caregivers; there is none better.

- Jan K

Faith Korey is the best kind of pet care giver and I recommend her without reservation. She's responsible, reliable, highly experienced and, most important of all--genuinely loving and caring about animals. When I leave my cat, Seamus, in her care I do so with complete confidence that he is in the best of hands.

Faith is very professional and organized and makes sure your pet's routine, medical needs and personal likes and dislikes are well documented and followed, and provides regular updates--including cute pictures. She is also very respectful of your home and leaves things very clean and orderly. 

And Faith definitely has a way with animals. When she sent me a text describing my cat sitting on her lap, I was pretty surprised. While Seamus is a pretty affectionate guy with me, he doesn't always take to strangers and is prone to hiding in closets when guests are in the house.   

- Gail S.

We highly recommend Faith as a reliable, resourceful and responsible pet sitter! She did a fantastic job with taking care of our two cats on several occasions. We like having a pet sitter because Faith comes to our home and stays with our cats for a bit to give them the attention and care. She takes the time to get to know our cats and treats them like her own cats. Faith is their Aunt and is like family. She is very knowledgeable and we entrust her with our cats, if they would need medical care. It is so beneficial to have someone to care for the cats due to the high demand of work and life schedules. We are very thankful that this service is available and have been newly introduced to it. We wish that this service was available years ago. It makes things much easier now. 

- Lynn S.

Faced with finding reliable care for my two 15.5-year-old cats from whom I had not been absent for more than two overnights in the past 8 years, I felt blocked in front of two small stacks of pet sitter cards from each cat's vets.  Yes, I knew a couple of the techs who might work out, but would they have the time to spend with my senior kitties?  Where to begin?

Then, with my hip replacement surgery looming on the horizon, there came a personal recommendation from a neighbor who knows Faith Korey from her volunteer work.  Our first phone conversation was promising, and a subsequent home visit removed any doubts.  Faith was clearly a person with whom I could trust my companions.

During my hospitalization this experienced and trustworthy caregiver stayed regularly in touch and clearly became well acquainted with my "boys," their likes and dislikes.  It was a tremendous relief and comfort to know that my guys were safe, happy, receiving necessary meds and even love when I could not be there myself.  Messages and even photos were most appreciated!  Should I ever need or want to be away again, Faith would be my first choice!  Anyone could choose Purrfect Paws with complete confidence.

- Barbara B.