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Purrfect Paws is a premier pet sitting and dog walking service serving clients on the north and northwest side of Chicago specializing in caring for cats, small to medium size dogs, and small birds. 

  Pills/Injections, modest extra fee


  First Aid Certified 

  • Insured/Bonded
  • First Aid Certified
  • Pills/Injections-modest extra fee


Faith Korey (owner)

Faith managed compensation and benefit programs for mid-sized to large corporations for over twenty years. She is a resident of the Lincoln Square neighborhood in the city for over twenty five years.  She has been an animal lover her entire life and passionate about caring for others’ companion animals. 

Faith currently shares her home with two companion cats, Sigmund Furred and Chairman Meow (former diabetic now in remission) as well as a lively cockatiel, Sushi. As many of her former cats have lived to a ripe old age, she is very familiar with insulin injections, administering pills and giving liquids.

Faith has volunteered for 15 years in Cat Adopts and Cat Socialization at the Anti-Cruelty Society in the River North area of Chicago. She currently trains new volunteers on handling, care; and socialization of the shelter’s animals. In her free time, she designs jewelry, practices yoga and rides her bike or walks along the lakefront with her husband.

Chairman Meow and Sigmund Furred
(resident cats)    

Chairman Meow is an Oriental Shorthair born in 2004. He has a brother, Luke, and sister, Luna. He was adopted from a breed rescue. His favorite activities are managing his purrsonal interest in the jewelry company of which he is CEO (appropriately named the Chairman’s Treasures), stalking and hunting his play mice toys, and providing his (very loud) opinion on all household matters.

Sigmund Furred born in 2007 is a Turkish Van (Turkish swimming cat).

He was adopted from the Anti-Cruelty Society and has a twin brother. Sigmund loves swimming in the bathtub and splashing water everywhere (typical of his breed), opening kitchen cabinets with child proof locks to steal his favorite treats, and leaping in mid-air to catch his favorite toys.

Sushi Annie Yakatori (resident cockatiel)

Sushi is a white face cockatiel with three sisters. She was born in 2008 and adopted when she was three months old. Sushi loves to supervise the activities of her feline “brothers”, bobble head on command, and imitate high pitch sounds like doorbells.